Advanced Pricing Options
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Our basic pricing structure is by using the Pre-Built Templates.
This is by far the most economical to use...

Form Options: Forms are devices used on the Internet to pass
information to your website. It is an easy to use option for your
customers to use.
There is almost no limit to the form types... one of the most
common you may have used are the Order Forms used by many on line
stores or sales Web Sites.
There are simple comment forms, there are short order forms... similar
to the Cost Estimate Form on previous page..

Something else enters into the building and Using of forms.
A Database, this is a computer based file containing a fixed set of information.
There is substantial amount of work to build, program and maintain this database,
hence additional charges are involved. All is not lost tho, on economy aspects.

Forms can do at least these 3 things.

1.Automatically send a copy of the data entered to it along with a nice greeting
message. From your web page business.
2.Automatically send You the Web Page Subscriber a duplicate copy with persons
email in the email data.
3.Automatically enter the data into The Host Systems computers. Storing it there in a
very secured manner. This data can then be downloaded in a format that can be put
into a spreadsheet, or other compatible database on YOUR computer. Then you can
build Reports, summary's and other possible Ordering data.

Now the good news... If we only setup options 1 and 2 then
folks will not have to do as much maintenance work to support your business. Cheaper
to you that way...

Initial Form Pricing....

The $5.00 additional fees below are for duration of your subscription.
In addition due to amount of setup work a minimum of 6 months subscription
will need to be pre-paid....

Small comment form $50.00 one time setup charge... + $5.00 per month additional
costs. Please look at example on this website... Press BACK arrow on your browser to
return here.

Medium size form $75.00 one time setup charge. + $5.00 per month additional
subscription costs.

Larger size form $100 one time setup charge + $5.00 per month additional
subscription costs.
Please look at the
Cost Estimate for Your Web Pages... on previous page...
It could/would be modified to fit your needs.

If in addition you need a Database report Emailed to you Once per week
the charge would be $20 per month for duration of your subscription. This is a
raw data file, Spreadsheet compatible. This is a minimum charge.

To save you Money for your small or startup business Email and phone will
usually cover your needs.
The forms are major addition, but truly extra cost..

Advanced Web Page Design and Prices.
There are some number of you who may be artists or have a very good idea
on how your Web Pages should Look... We can handle that also, but it would
be a partnership between you and us. Designing the Pages... You supplying
the artwork and/or pictures and graphics....You can work up a "Dummy Site"
in your Painting or draw system... Supply us with the Text, titles, links and
other needs you have... We can do Exact Color matches of almost any design
picture you would supply us... This is more costly, but again we would make
every effort to satisfy your needs. Give us a whirl, think you may be surprised,
with the results. We will do a free analysis and estimate with suggestions.
Then based on your approvals on the fee's proceed with the work. This does
take a little more time, but is a viable direction for you to consider.