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Acceptance Mark
Web Page Pricing
Welcome to the-web-seeker.com
Our basic pricing structure is using the Pre-Built Templates, the Demo's
you have already reviewed. If not, please do so, take your time, pick out
a template that you would like to have for your webpage.

Steps “we” need to do to Purchase Web Page services from

1.Pick out the Web Pages from the Demonstration Menu.
2.Write down the title of the Pages, also the Number.

You now have to decide how elaborate you want your web pages to be.
Using the Demonstration Templates, having them modified to fit your needs
is the most economical.

Whats included in the basic service is:
Titles modified to your personal or company name,
All the text content modified using your own words...
(you will have to write them, and supply them to us)
Up to 10 photographs, and/or artwork.
All of your Contact information.
Examples: Phone numbers
Names, email addresses, address of your business(if needed).
We will modify the Demonstration pages to fit your needs.
Included in this is whats called a Sub-domain Name...
Not quite the same as a Domain Name, but more economical.
the-web-seeker.com is a Domain name.
joesbarbershop.the-web-seeker.com would be example of your Sub-domain
We modify, install, backup, and support your Web Pages for Period of time you
All you do is “Use” them....
Once you have Accepted the Web Pages, then we insure they are kept up and

Basic Pricing: for Web page Demo with 2-4 pages.
Using above guidelines: $75.00 Modification, build, and Internet Installation
This is minimum amount. You get 2 months of Live Internet Web Pages..

Next step is subscription for 6 months. $25.00 per month = $150.00.
(on the 6 months... setup fee of $75.00 counts towards total of $150.)

Next step is subscription for 12 months. $22.50 per month = $270.00
a $30 savings.
(on the 12 months...setup fee of $75.00 counts towards total of $270.)

Options: We will try to price this to be gentle with you.

Initial Setups $5.00 per picture over the 10 pictures same monthly

Extra Pages added “clones” of others with your information on them... $25
per page.
Same monthly rate.

Slide show viewer for your pictures. $50.00 will give you 5 extra pictures with
totaling 15 pictures.

WebPage MP3 music Player $50.00 including 5 songs that you Perform.
Note: Due to possible copyright conflicts... Only songs that you perform are
If there is some sort of “Legal copyright ” conflict they will be removed...
This option is mainly offered for musicians to show off some of their
performing talents.
The songs have to be supplied in MP3 format. They will be reformatted to 64
Additional songs $5.00 per song over 5 song level.

After you Accept the Site. Modifications, changes will use comparable prices
to modify your Web pages. Minor fixes, phone number changes things like
that no charge... All other items , Minimum of $25.00 fee...

All fees and charges are NON-REFUNDABLE
All charges after estimate is approved is Pre-payable
Via money-order or Cashiers Check.

Available Advanced Option: