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General Information with Questions and Answers

the-web-seeker's Subscription services
Web page modification, Design and Installations.

There are thousands of Hosting sites, and Website design and build
Web Sites on the Internet.

There are some number of "Free" hosting location available also.

would like to thank you for visiting and hopefully using our
subscription services. will offer family oriented web pages.
We maintain control on contents of the web pages.

What do you mean subscription ?
Just like a magazine. There is a 6 month or a 12 month subscription.
In our case you will also pay a small setup fee, which is applicable to the
subscription selected.

Who would want or need their own web pages ?
A small business who wants their own web pages.
Musicians, Florist, Salons, Barbershops, any small businesses offering Services.
Your own business site can enhance your existing business.
Use the Web Page Name
in your local advertising and business cards.
Most young people and many seniors now use the internet.
Your Own Web Pages will help your image.
Wedding announcements.
Birth annoucements for your Boy or Girl,Grandson or Grandaughter.
Personal Web Pages, for displaying your Hobbies, animals, or similar subjects
can easily be yours.
You Simply Use the Web pages, with no cares, or worries once its installed
and working for you or your business.

How long can you keep the web pages ?
You can renew prior to their expirations dates 2, 6 or 12 months

Will there be Ad's, Banners, and distracting items on the Web Pages ?
There may be several small items near bottom of the page. No animations,
no flashing banners, nothing to really distract from your Web Pages.

How does this subscription work ?
First step would be to review the Demonstration Web Pages.
Select one of the pages that is very close to what you like.
Then you would go to the Ordering Pages and place your order.

How much Down time is there with my Web Pages ?
The company Lunarpages which is the Host company for
has a 99.9%; up time history. Also backups are performed daily by Lunarpages
to help insure the integrity of the Web pages.

How long does it take to modify my selected Demonstration Pages ?
Once the information is obtained from you our customer. Pictures
Written text of what you want to be said on you web pages.
In most cases a few days to 1 week. This is based on customer selecting
demonstration pages. These are called Templates.

How do I know what my web pages will look like ?
Once the order has been received and payment confirmed.
The demonstration site you selected will be up very quickly.
Then as the work progresses, you will be able to review and
see your new web pages grow, on the Internet.

How will I know when the web pages are completed ? will notify you via your email it is completed.

How can I make changes to the web pages ?
The web pages customer can not make changes. This is exclusive rights
of The economy of this subscription service is
based on this concept.

Can you have all of your Contact Information Placed on a Web Page ?
your Email Address added to the Web Pages ?
Links to other Websites added to Web Pages ?
Your Name and address
Phone Numbers, Cell Phones, Fax Numbers ?
Maps to our Business Location ?

Can we place ads from other companys on Our Pages ?
No, not at this time.
This would involve you owning and having your own Hosting Service
and Support folks for this Web Site.

Can I have a Shopping Cart System ?
At this time we do no offer a shopping cart system.

Why cant I have this function added ?
Current Hosting Agreements prohibits from allowing
this service.
This service can be added by Purchasing a Dedicated Domain name and hosting
service from Lunarpages. can move your existing Web pages to the New Domain name
using Lunarpages Hosting services. There is some pricing difference when
venturing into this area.

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